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Kagiso’s Island of Treasure is finally becoming to be such a treat! After visiting one of Jamaica’s top sports clubs last week, SA comedian Kagiso Lediga visits the Marley Museum in Kingston, Jamaica this week – the online TV show’s 8th episode.

I must admit that Kagiso is only starting to grab my attention and interest for Jamaica since last week’s episode… Finally he is getting somewhere in his quest to outshine 5FM DJ, DJ Fresh, one of the co-hosts of season five of Tropika Island of Treasure. (which premiers next ¬†month on SABC1). With enough buzz about the season starting to kick into gear, I can’t wait to see how it will pan out and whether a celebrity or a public contestant will walk away with the R1 million prize money.

Back to this week’s episode . . . Kagiso does a fine job of alienating his camera crew and the beautiful¬†Tropika Island of Treasure co-host and former Miss Jamaica, Rosina Casserly, when they visit the Bob Marley Museum to shed some light on the history of reggae and show off his skills as a serious documentarian.

While he doesn’t exactly showcase much of what’s¬†inside¬†the museum itself, reggae fans and die-hard Marley fans will¬†appreciate¬†graffiti¬†of music legend Bob Marley outside the museum’s walls as well as some of his¬†famous¬†music lyrics echoed on these walls too. But what could possibly go wrong?

Kagiso’s quest for fame and outshining his cast and crew become a little too much, as he angers Rosina and his crew – to the point where he is left standing all alone outside the museum.

Next week, Kagiso has to pick up his bruised ego, knowing that it didn’t go so well as he had hoped at the Bob Marley Museum. He says: “It’s ok, I’m a smart guy. I can do this on my own. I‚Äôll show them. They will see.”

Will he survive without his crew? Will Rosina forgive Kagiso for his arrogance? Check out this week’s episode…¬†

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