Jan 2013 25

It’s episode 7 of Kagiso’s Island of Treasure and things are sure hotting up somewhat! Thank goodness! I was starting to think: what is Kagiso trying to do in Jamaica? Well, he certainly ain’t doing anything to outshine DJ Fresh, who was there to co-host the SABC1 reality TV show, Tropika Island of Treasure (which premiers in February, might I add)

So while in Jamaica, I don’t think Kagiso’s been getting any exercise.. In fact he goes on to say: ” The last sport I played involved a Ping-Pong ball and a plastic cup.”

So in this week’s of Kagiso’s Island of Treasure,  the vivacious Tropika Island of Treasure co-host and former Miss Jamaica, Rosina Casserly, takes Kagiso to a local sports club to meet one of the world’s greatest athletes: Yohan Blake. He may run fast, but let’s see how he does when he’s in the hot seat with Kagiso? How on earth dis he manage to get to meet Yohan? Another treat for fans is catching a glimpse of another legendary athlete, Usain Bolt (screams!!!!)

Will Kagiso give up his quest to overshadow Fresh? Or will he even give up comedy to become a track athlete and what advise does he get at the gym?

Next week, you’re in for a treat!  Kagiso says he needs to get down to business and show people his serious side. We’ll see him head off to the Bob Marley Museum to discover the heart and soul of Jamaican culture.

Anyway, check out this week’s episode… (And see if Kagiso is star struck amongst some of the world’s greatest athletes – I certainly would be!)

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