Jan 2013 17

Kagiso clearly loves jerks! Well that’s according to this week’s episode (number 6 to be exact) of the popular online TV series, Kagiso’s Island of Treasure.

Last week, Kagiso spent time in a recording studio perfecting his singing skills and this week, he and Tropika Islands of Treasure co-host, Rosina Casserly, a former Miss Jamaica winner, are aiming to perfect their culinary skills in a local Jamaican kitchen.

So why does Kagiso fall in love with a jerk? Well, as viewers soon find out, Jerk is a Jamaican type of seasoning that they use to cook with or eat with all their meals….

Kagiso explains his motive for going into the kitchen this episode by saying: “Ever since I got to Jamaica, I’ve been hearing about this ‘jerk’ chicken stuff. Apparently it’s some kind of spicy dish. Rosina’s taking me to Grill 71 to try it out. I doubt it’ll come close to the stuff my mum makes at home.”

Of course, at Grill 71, Kagiso tries to upstage the local Jamaican chef by showing her his favourite South African cuisine, pap and vleis, much to her delightment when she tastes his concoction.

But will he get used to loving jerk seasoning?

Next week, his adventures continue….For some reason, Rosina wants Kagiso to meet her at a local gym. Who the heck does she think they’re going to run into? Oh and is Kagiso ever going to really upstage DJ Fresh? What is the real point of him visiting Jamaica then?

I can’t wait to watch to see what he’ll get up to next – or who he’ll run into . . . Anyway, check out this week’s episode… And here’s to you emulating Kagiso’s culinary skills in the kitchen :-)

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