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The Oscars buzz seemed to have taken over Cape Town earlier last week! To coincide with this annual prestigious Hollywood awards event, Glamour Magazine hosted its annual Oscars Night party at The Table Bay Hotel in The Mother City.

Invited guests were asked to dress up in black tie fashion with “a hint of purple and white”. For once it was nice to see many of the guests actually stick to the theme – which made the event such a pleasure to attend.

Of course, with PR giant Jill Groger from Zebra Square PR (pictured above)  manning the exclusive guest list, it was no surprise that even on a blistering Monday night, the “who’s who” took to the red carpet at the luxurious five star hotel and came out to support Hollywood’s finest – even though it was via an AV TV screen in South Africa.

Top Billing’s Jeannie D, who is looking ultra slim and sexy these days, was the emcee for the evening. She’s proof that new-found love can make one look happy and blissful and really had the crowd eating out of her hand.

Actress Lee-Anne Summers, Hollywood-based Hakeem Kae-Kazim as well as Top Billing’s Jeannie D

Cape Town’s usual A-Listers all came out to play on the evening, including Liezel van der Westhuizen (who was doing interviews for Fashion One – an international TV show), actress and TV personality Natalie Becker (who donned a sexy Jenni Button number), The Wild actor Ty Keogh and Nicole Flint (who looked ravishing in a floor-length black KlukGDT ensemble and gets my Best Dressed Award for the evening), actress Lee-Anne Summers, actor Bjorn Steinbach as well as celebrity commentator and TV personality Jen Su (I take my hat off to her for attending almost every event on the social calender).

 Expresso and 5fm’s Jennifer Su with Cape Town blogger, Leigh van der Berg aka @lipglossgirl 

Actress and TV presenter Natalie Becker as well as hunky actor Bjorn Steinbach

Cape Town’s (Slaapstad as it’s affectionately known) events never seemed to start on time soccer, and I couldn’t help but notice late entrants couple Matthew and Sonia Booth as well as journalist Tanya Nefdt all looking ravishing in their ensembles, and made it just in time as the first Oscar was being presented on screen.’s Tanya Nefdt and TV presenter Liezel van der Westhuizen

Even though Hollywood-based actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim didn’t stick to the dress code, wearing a white African-themed suite with sandals, he was forgiven as he interacted with almost every guest, who were all excited to see him in person and hear more about the US TV show he is filming in The Mother City as the moment.


I was really impressed with the Basil Crusted Scottish Salmon main course dish as well as the Strawberry Mirror Cake dessert served on the night, but was disappointed that I only got to sip on wines and Ceres juices. I would have loved to enjoyed being treated to some champagne throughout the evening and toast to all the Oscar glory throughout the awards ceremony – we were paying tribute to Hollywood royalty after all.

Jan 2013 07

South African-born and raised Hollywood actress, Lesley-Ann Brandt, has just wrapped up her next big Hollywood feature film.

The Cape Town-born actress, who has lived in Hollywood for three years now, shot Killing Winston Jones over the festive season in 2012, opposite Hollywood acting legends, Richard Dreyfuss and Danny Glover as well as comedic heavy weights, Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Danny Masterson (That 70′s Show). The role sees her playing the daughter of Glover’s character and the love interest of Masterson’s character.

Fans of Brandt first got to witness her acting talents in the internationally acclaimed Starz hit TV shows, Spartacus Blood as well as Sand and Spartacus God’s of the Arena, where she played the role of sex slave, Naevia.

Following the success of this role and the popularity she received from playing it, Brandt opted to move to Los Angeles in 2010 to further her acting career – a bold move which is starting to pay off.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful cast” says the vivacious actress. “I am a huge Lethal Weapon fan so to be working with Danny Glover is pretty cool and not to mention the man from Jaws himself, Richard Dreyfuss,” she said.

Last year Brandt made appearances in US TV shows such as CSI:NY (a recurring role), Chuck as well as Memphis Beat (alongside Jason Lee) as well as a lead role in in the US TV movie, Zombie Apocalypse, starring opposite Ving Rhames and Taryn Manning.

Brandt will also be gracing screens internationally along with her co-star Sam Worthington (from Avatar fame) when her feature film lead role début in “Drift” is released worldwide in February 2013.

Brandt also recently made the headlines on international celebrity website TMZ, when a video of her with co-star John Heder appeared on the website, showing the two actors having a singing session at a Georgia karaoke bar…

I urge you to check out this brilliant footage…

Check out her website or follow her on Twitter or LIKE her Facebook page for all her latest updates.

Dec 2012 20

After launching episode one of Kagiso’s Island of Treasure last week, fans of Kagiso’s as well as of the Tropika Island of Treasure reality series, that this much-loved SA comedian is on a mission to cause some nasty havoc in Jamaica – especially since he heard the news that he won’t be hosting the new season of Tropika Island of Treasure.

“I’ll show them! They will see,” is proof that Kagiso is not having it with any one who stands in his way of having a good, old Jamaican time – even though he can’t get his wish of hosting the new season – which will air on SABC1 in 2013.

As Kagiso arrives in Kingston, Jamaica he immediately goes in search of finding the right TV crew to help him shoot the show! Quite a ridiculously funny moment when he kidnaps them using a Tropika towel! Come on dude, use something more decent ext time around as we don’t know where that towel has been:-)

They as he aptly puts it: “If you want to make great TV, you’re gonna need a great crew. I’m pretty sure years toiling away in this industry have taught me everything I need to know about directing. Once I find the right people for the job all I’ll have to do is track down little Miss Rosina Casserly.”

In this week’s episode, we finally get to meet Rosina Casserly, but is she a tough cookie or will she fall victim to Kagiso’s charms? Will Kagiso’s new-found TV crew live up to his expectations? Only time will tell . . .

Check out this week’s episode to catch all the action!

Keep up to date with Tropika via social media and Kagiso’s mad adventures in Jamaica, check out:

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Winning the Bar-One Man Hunt reality TV competition this year has been the ideal dream come true for personal trainer and model, Lushwill Rossouw.  READ MORE >>>  [..]

Sep 2012 18

Movie fans are in for a treat! Hunky Hollywood actor Boris Kodjoe spends most of the new  Resident Evil: Retribution movie in a tank top, showing off his muscles and fighting skills to perfection.

Kodjoe, who rose to fame with his role in the hit TV series Soul Food, reprises his role as Luther in the latest instalment of the sci-fi thriller Resident Evil: Retribution, which was released on the South African movie circuit today.

According to Kodjoe, working again with the film’s lead star Milla Jovovich “was a lot of fun” and he explains that they do get along off the movie set too.

“She is just an incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out, and she’s a dynamic team leader on set. Our families get along so well that we hang out together for play dates and socialising when we’re not working,” he explained to me in LA.

“This instalment of Resident Evil was quite physically challenging for me. I had to be in extreme shape for the role and this time around the choreography for the fight scenes were quite intensive. What most people don;t know is that I had to shoot my scenes in the cold in tank tops, seeing as we filmed during the Canadian winter. It was rough but I was happy how everything turned out,” he recalled.

Kodjoe, who admits he’s a big fan of South Africa, first visited the country a working model in the early 2000′s, where he got to see “quite a bit” of the country – after enduring a bad tennis injury that prevented him from turning professional alongside best friend, Boris Becker.

“I’ve visited South Africa three times already and I’ve been to Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Soweto. I love Cape Town as a city but the warmness of the South African people really made an impression on me. I even got to learn a little Afrikaans – which is similar to Dutch, which I speak fluently.”

Kodjoe was so impressed with South Africa that when he signed on to star in Starship Troopers 3 in 2008, alongside Hollywood actor Casper Van Dien and now close friend South African actor Stelio Savante (who has been working and living in Hollywood for over 20 years now), that he brought his wife Nicole Ari Parker along to experience SA while he filmed Starship Troopers 3 here.

“Nicole and I have so many great memories from our SA visit that we just cannot wait to return soon,” he said.

- This interview was also published on Zalebs.


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